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Clayton BellTexas geologist and one of my cyberfriends. So I had one. New visitors to www. In the first three stories, the brother of Arnold's "Dutch Schaeffer" character fights aliens. Then a rather talkative man waiting for a hair cut called out, "What kind of hair cut is that?

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Johnny Unitas, football great, wore a flattop.

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Last time I was in town, it looked like Woody had retired and a "stylist" had taken over the shop. Scotty Skyrocket -- Kansas City Star comic, also here. Then Dad began to lose his hair and discontinued the practice and so I grew my hair back too. We are sworn brothers. Case M'Otto Enterprises, Inv. Mike's rough talk and wisecracking hid a heart of gold. It was scary, but it was now or never!

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Photo by Karen Bill, professional lady boxer. But Woody is an awesome barber, and if some fellow grungy hippy discovers him because of this posting, then it was worth my time to write all of this. Again, it was a mark for conservatism and a work ethic. Joe Allbaugh Joe Allbaugh. Proud to know you both. He really is a great barber. Brock with his new tattoo.

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