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Two men in his gang know he's gay, for the simple reason that they met while looking for sex partners online. In addition to appropriating old archetypes, Panfil's gay gangsters are creating new ones. A group of young men began harassing them when they discovered the women were a couple, asking them to kiss while making sexual gestures. We must not, and will not, accept this homophobic and misogynist violence in our society. They give their members a place to belong; a stable source of identity; a group of people to hang out with; and a network of support and protection not unlike a family, something particularly valuable for people whose biological families don't accept their sexuality. However, during the journey she claims a gang of young men behind them saw they were a couple and started to demand they kiss while making crude sexual gestures.

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United Families International Gilbert, Arizona.

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A few primarily-straight gangs had a critical mass of gay, lesbian, or bisexual members—anywhere from about a quarter to almost one half—which I call hybrid gangs. The apparently homophobic attack happened on a London bus as the couple returned home from an evening out last month. We must not, and will not, accept this homophobic and misogynist violence in our society. Verity Baptist Church Sacramento, California.

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A new book by a German historian looks at the conflicting history of segregation in commercial air travel.

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