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He came over expecting just the regular video games and pizza, and so we played and ate for a while. His nose flattened and widened, and his ears stuck out from his head. At first Dev was furious, but after some calming persuasive talk with the hypnotist, Dev agreed to go through with the session. Check out my erotic ebooks for more: We fucked until he came, and almost immediately fell asleep after. Change is possible, just keep going.

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Tommy finally seemed to realize something was wrong at that point.

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Russian artist shares transformation from ‘skinny nerd’ to ‘muscle daddy’

I can't wait for the next devolving jocks book, do you have an ETA or better yet a sneak peek? Dogboys - Pup and dog-man transformations, with the occasional pig. Just us two men all weekend some good old fashioned bonding. I was so confused until finally it hit me. I forgawwwt to tell you — Aww!

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He realises this and gets to his feet. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. I brought it back out and he took a sip, not noticing the weird color. His dick was rock-hard. I felt my hand trace across the leathery suit, it felt strange, the cold leathery surface suddenly felt warm. I unscrewed the lid and sniffed it.

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