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Berkley Books In early Major General Curtis Lemaycommander of XXI Bomber Command —the Marianas-based Bequipped bombing force—ordered most of the defensive armament and remote-controlled sighting equipment removed from the Bs under his command. One useful technique was to check the magnetos while already on takeoff roll rather than during a conventional static engine-runup before takeoff. More revolutionary was the size and sophistication of the pressurized sections of the fuselage: Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset, UK:

A manned tail gun installation was semi-remote.

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Boeing B-29 Superfortress

The Bs Against Japan. Stockett, Aircraft Commander BBW[N 5] disappeared after takeoff from Chakulia, India, over the Himalayas 12 KIA, 11 crew and one passenger [49] This raid, which did little damage to the target, with only one bomb striking the target factory complex, [50] nearly exhausted fuel stocks at the Chengdu B bases, resulting in a slow-down of operations until the fuel stockpiles could be replenished. During and five Bs made emergency landings in Soviet territory after bombing raids on Japanese Manchuria and Japan. Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset, UK: To a number of Americans, the very people responsible for the script were the people who were changing America. The historic Boeing B Enola Gay is shown here just after being restored and re-assembled in Sergeant Shigeo Nobe of the 4th Sentai intentionally flew his Kawasaki Ki into a B; debris from the explosion following this attack severely damaged another B, which also went down.

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The unusual name given to his mother was from the heroine of the novel Enola; or, Her fatal mistake. The final active-duty KB and WB variants were phased out in the mids, with the final example retired in Both Curtiss-Wright and the Dodge automobile company vastly expanded their manufacturing capacity to build the bomber's powerful and complex Curtiss-Wright R turbo supercharged engines. Air EnthusiastNumber Three,pp. Retrieved 12 August