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If this is a regular recall patient, then the disease should be in it's early stages if they have been screened every six months. The ADA is behind all this. DAs are going to clean, scale, or whatever you call it, only above the gums and leave the rest. Only in healthy patients is were you can perform regular 45 min. But once again dentist just let you clcean above the line gum regular adult prophy.

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Although cultural competence education is being incorporated into most health care curricula, content addressing sexual minorities is lacking or, if present, inadequate.

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Male Hygienists?

This will be my last response so, Steve, no need to reply. No one of them will tell you anything in your face, just true emails, or gossips. Michael in Santa Fe, New Mexico said: Because people are not stupid. It wasn't that hard to find work cause no matter if you're male, female, black, white, or purple

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If your patient has the same reading for more than 2 years, clearly, something is wrong. Please do not be one of those that cannot feel for the approach of the bottom of the pocket with a probe, and instead pushes until their fingertip blanches white to get a reading. The literature search for peer reviewed articles and published documents began the fall of and continued through the year To all those who don't believe me I will be more than happy to help you. I do believe it is a worthwhile profession. I am interested in knowing what other states are going through similar proposals for DAs that we are unaware of.

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