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Brody National Firearms Act https: Verbose is still feeling the sting of my querulous neurotic. So it sounds like Ray McDonald was the first openly gay player. You are comparing God, your creator; to Santa Claus. Home is where you make it! And Gibbs is the only one of those two who has accomplished that with three different QBs, none of which is HoF caliber. Do you think that God is closed minded that his word states against this?

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Those who are gay are usually the ones you least suspect.

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Only two of those have done it without a single HoF caliber QB. Please when ever logical says something just do the right thing and ignore it he is just a troll looking to get a rise out of people. Given his success in the cap era, Belichick has to be in the top 5. As much time as these guys spend together that would be a pretty hard thing to hide. Please think about your decisions from this point forward. When I think of Vince Lombardi I associated him with one and only one team. And a such I write you off and ignore you.

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For such an old school guy he sure was ahead of his time and knew how great diversity and acceptance of all really is. And of course, the lowliest of beings, Vikings fans, crawl out and have to take a great article and turn it into something else. Second, talking about thinly veiled agendas. Insight, empathy, an inspiration as a human. Brody Donston — Being that Stewart was the subject of unwarranted speculation, I believe my point was clear, be he good-looking in your eyes or not.

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