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Penis in my ass is not okay!! There is no reasonable reason for banning same sex marriage. Jason Edwards 11 of Opposition Labor Party leader Bill Shorten told the Melbourne rally the postal vote itself should never have happened. That was not the case in Australia. Same-sex marriage has been banned in Australia since when the Howard government changed the Marriage Act to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

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Inside the Yes campaign: The strategy to deliver same-sex marriage to Australia

Before anyone can determine what relationships may be allowed into marriage we must first determine what marriage is and why the government recognizes it. The most likely to vote were those aged at Jason Edwards 5 of This is not like the civil rights movement of the 60s that African Americans went through. In San Francisco, Mayor Newsom—who was barely elected over Green Party insurgent candidate Matt Gonzalez—opened the door to gay marriage not only from sincere personal conviction, but also to strengthen his political base as he sought unsuccessfully to push out a number of Democratic city commissioners who endorsed the Greens.

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The full breakdown of voter turnout numbers by state. This year, before Christmas - that must be our commitment. The only people who are really against this are religious people or people who are grossed out by the concept. I'm fine with same-sex marriage. It was seats in south-west Sydney, many of which have large socially conservative immigrant populations, that were most likely to vote No. It would also probably hurt friendships between males. The least likely to vote were those aged 25 to 29 at

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