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Poetrydramaballad opera. Most notable were the Duke and Duchess of Queensbury. The Duchess of Queensberry was dismissed from court for enlisting subscribers in the palace. He had never rendered any special services to the court. In appeared his Trivia, or the Art of Walking the Streets of Londona poem in three books, for which he acknowledged having received several hints from Swift. This ban, however, proved to be a blessing in disguise as the demand for the printed version of the play ran very high and made Gay a rich man. Gay's pastorals completely achieved this object, but his ludicrous pictures of the English swains and their loves were found to be abundantly entertaining on their own account.

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As a result, was a most productive year for him, with the publication of six poems, at least two essays, and a play.

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John Gay, the English poet best remembered as the creator of the immortal fictional characters Captain Macheath and Polly Peachum, was a highly prolific and respected writer in the 18th century London. He certainly did nothing to conciliate the favour of the government by his next work, The Beggar's Operaa ballad opera produced on the 29 January by John Richin which Sir Robert Walpole was caricatured. Orphaned at age 10, he was sent to the local grammar school until, aged about 17, he was apprenticed to a silk dealer in London. See the events in life of John Gay in Chronological Order. The purpose of writing this was to ridicule the Arcadian pastorals of Ambrose Philips.

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In that year James Craggs, the secretary of state, presented him with some South Sea stock. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. He was buried in Westminster Abbey. Cambridge University Press, Gay's decision to launch the work was probably also influenced by the huge interest that Jack Sheppard, a cockney housebreaker, had created in all things relating to Newgate Prison. The Beggar's Opera opened on Jan. The duchess of Queensberry was dismissed from court for enlisting subscribers in the palace.