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When his father was arrested in he was later released as a member of the bourgeois establishment, Gay-Lussac was sent to a boarding school in Paris. He was the eldest of five children of Antoine Gay, lawyer and procureur royal at St. He was able to repeat observations of pressure, temperature, and humidity and also make magnetic measurements. He showed, for example, that the action of steam on heated iron is a reversible action. Not only that, but Dalton's own Law of Multiple Proportions could not easily be reconciled with the idea of combining volumes. To obtain the magnetic intensity, the period of oscillation of a magnetized needle was determined. Some pioneer work was carried out by Henri Descroizilles, but the subsequent work of Gay-Lussac was even more influential.

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With the encouragement of Berthollet, mathematician Pierre-Simon de Laplace, and others, Gay-Lussac began his own research in the winter of and

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Gay-Lussac, Joseph Louis

September Click [show] for important translation instructions. Nearly ten years older than Gay-Lussac, Humboldt already had an international reputation as an explorer; yet he learned something about precision in scientific research from Gay-Lussac, who in turn had his horizons broadened by his German friend. Because Amontons discovered the law beforehand, Gay-Lussac's name is now generally associated within chemistry with the law of combining volumes discussed in the section above. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. The marriage lasted for 40 years and was marked by the closest collaboration of hearts and minds. Experimental foundation of atomic chemistry study of nitric acid In nitric acid water In physical science: Such a wide array of appointments attests to the value his contemporaries placed upon applying chemistry toward solving social and economic concerns.

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After an unsuccessful attempt to isolate the muriatic radical by the action of heated potassium on muriates chlorides of metals, they turned their attention to oxymuriatic acid chlorinehoping to decompose it by removing its supposed oxygen. Austrian meteorologist Julius von Hann, working with data from balloon…. In he introduced a method of determining the vapor densities of liquids, and in demonstrated that wood soaked in borax is inflammable. Inon the basis of this discovery and on observations of other gaseous reactions, Gay-Lussac announced the law of combining volumes, now known as "Gay-Lussac's law. They therefore named the gas fluoboric gas boron trifluoride. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. Gay-Lussac proved to be an exemplary student during his studies there from to

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