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His pale form kneels nude behind Sokka. Sokka nearly falls, his knees giving out and falling to the floor with his ass up, but Zuko has such a tight grip on his hips that he barely moves. He lets out a strange, aroused noise. He doesn't want to beg, he doesn't want to fall into submission so quickly. He followed Aang upstairs into his room. Sokka winces, biting down on Aang's lower lip and pulling him closer, "Mmf,". Aang takes out Sokka's ponytail and intwines his fingers into his hair, it wasn't forceful, and he didn't shove his head down.

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He copies Zuko, slowly at first,and eventually faster, but he stops, and puts his mouth over the tip, tasting Aang's precum leak onto his tongue.

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Sokka. . . gay?

Zuko just sat and looked. Aang saw the deep red scar on his left eye, the dark shaggy hair, the beautiful golden eyes. Spit and semen dribble down his chin, as Zuko reaches beneath the two and wraps his cold fingers around the firm, stiff, cock. He caressed the sides while stroking Zuko's chest. I would've left this awful place so long ago if only I knew that were gay, too. Aang reached down to stroke his length, knowing that at any minute, he was going to come for the first time.

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Zuko then began to sit up, grabbing the back of Aang's head as they slowly shifted positions. But you just have to wait. Thank you so much. Aang threw his arms around Zuko, the two boys hot and sweaty. I do not own the television show Avatar: Aang and Sokka take different approaches, Aang liked to take small bites at a time and ground them with his teeth, but Sokka took large, rushed bites, as if he needed potassium with every fibre in his being.

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