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Opening doors to understanding and acceptance: Most, if not all gays, are comfortable with their femaleness or maleness. A new study suggests there are distinguishable differences in the facial shape of gay and straight men, and the results indicate the faces of gay men may be deemed more masculine. It is not yet known what specifically causes either homosexuality or heterosexuality. It may take a long time for many gays to "choose" to accept their sexual orientation as valid and normal.

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The "decision" may not be whether one is going to be gay or not, but rather whether one is going to acknowledge the existence of personal homosexual feelings and behaviors.

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Could Face Shape Reveal If Someone Is Gay Or Straight?

Refer to question 3 for the issue of causation. Still, researchers suggest the differences in facial shapes may indicate certain prenatal environmental factors, which is a topic sexologist Anthony Bogaert began delving into in September. Sorting out the myths and realities can lead to greater self-awareness which motivates us to learn more and become more accepting of those whose sexual orientation may be different from our own. Facilitating workshops on lesbian, gay and bisexual issues. Most people fall somewhere on the continuum between these two ends of the scale, and thus have the capacity to experience both affectional and sexual feelings for members of both sexes.

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The face shapes of gay men were rated as more masculine than those of straight men. In fact, many heterosexuals portray a variety of the so called gay stereotypic characteristics. This is by far one of the more controversial issues for gays. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. There has been evidence of homosexuality in all human cultures throughout history. Those who struggle with their gay identity may suffer enormous anxiety, pain, and anger as they work to rectify the inherent incongruence between societal messages and their own feelings and preferences. The majority of child molesters are gay.

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