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I didn't think to lock the door and when I turned around there was a man with his cock in his hand. After all the phone sex ads were done the movie finally started. Just recently i started being a part-time at the shop now i play with him all day long when there's no customer and even play with some straight guys just the way he played with me when i first went there. I grabbed it and stroked his shaft and kissed and twirled my tongue around the head. He said, "that was a hot show, now do me. I quickly stood up and fed my 8 inches through the hole so he could return the favor.

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At the same time I shoved two fingers all the way up his ass and he exploded.

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The Toy Shop

I turned him around and spread his ass apart and started licking his ass hole. I got off work early that night and went back to the porn shop for the third time. I just ignored it because there was no way I could be gay or bi. I liked that though because it made me feel like a dirty slut. I quickly spun him around and took in his entire cock.

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I had heard gay men hang out there and suck cocks so I thought I would have a chance. I just ignored it because there was no way I could be gay or bi. I bobbed back in forth sucking like a hungry baby while my hands rubbed his ass. How can I make sure that he knows of my interest? As I took it in my hand I realized that he was bigger than me so he was an easy 9 or 10 inches and it was thick too. My dick is 8 inch flaccid and im very proud of it the ladies i sleep with always cant get enough of me. There were lots of men standing around so I did the same and watched a tv from outside a booth.

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