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Music 9 hours ago. The episode I missed was the one about a Satanic goat-man who tied Tygra up with his own whip. Das Boot is a war film that could only be made in a country where virtually everyone had experienced the horror of war firsthand, whether it was on the frontlines or cowering in a bomb shelter. Right before the car hit me 30 years ago, I worried about what I was about to miss. Episode Six: With fabulous outfits and better hats.

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Later, a young field-tripper at the aquarium asks Jane why pretty things tend to be dangerous.

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His lesson this week: Film 3 hours ago. Despite his obvious contempt for people, he sees his cause as noble: Like Tygra, Shiro is a smart and serious big brother figure who provides a sober contrast to the hot-headed frontman — and boasts excellent eyebrow game.

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The idea of that last one, naturally, sets her on an inevitable crash course with Manx and his vampiric Rolls-Royce.

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