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I raised an eyebrow, but I stayed silent. I growled and turned around, glaring at the both of them. When she allowed me to cut off all my hair, I smiled and hugged her, claiming I loved her. My goal is to ensure the best possible life for all Americans, which is why I supported subsidized surgery, but it would be hypocritical for me to then volte face taking a leap of faith with kids lives. I nodded and stood up to walk to class. On this I disagree with you lacking stats from Elly. Community Forum Software by IP.

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The other boy snickered as they carried me behind the school.

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I'll try my best to make everything good, and if you don't like transgenders, don't read. I mean statistically LGBT couples are more likely to adopt children who are older who are also often more at risk and tend to be less likely to be adopted. Advanced Members posts Last Visit. How would they accept me? As for adoption, I don't see why not. It took a while to drill into their heads that I was a boy, but in time they understood.

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There's a reason adoption standards are so strict, the parents need to be stable. That's when the anger settled in my body. I leaned down and sobbed into my arms. I nodded and stood up to walk to class. I felt like I was on a roll here. All of my most trusted friends hated me because of my mental gender.