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Meyer I, Northridge M, editors. Virtually all coupled gay men and lesbians had a same-sex partner, whereas the vast majority of coupled bisexuals were in a heterosexual relationship. Upon initially joining the KN panel, respondents agreed to participate regularly in on-line surveys and were provided with free Internet access and equipment if they did not already have it. Hier kaufen oder eine gratis Kindle Lese-App herunterladen. Although we cannot draw definitive conclusions, these patterns are consistent with the hypothesis that most of the 50 respondents were indeed heterosexual. Overall, approximately one third of respondents reported having one or more children, including adopted and stepchildren.

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We assessed the extent to which these attributes characterize the larger lesbian, gay, and bisexual population.

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Other patterns of self-labeling also warrant comment. Bisexuals, by contrast, were about equally likely to say they never used either term. Compared with bisexuals, gay men and lesbians reported stronger commitment to a sexual-minority identity, greater community identification and involvement, and more extensive disclosure of their sexual orientation to others. Insights from a social psychological perspective. A meta-analytic test of intergroup contact theory.

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Respondents currently in a relationship including those who were married were asked the gender of their partner. When the parallel questions about activism that was unrelated to sexual-minority issues were combined to create a summary score, a similar pattern emerged. Such information will also be highly useful for informing behavioral and social science research on sexual orientation and sexual minorities in a variety of ways. For example, lesbians may differ from gay men in their likelihood of being involved in an intimate relationship Peplau and Fingerhutbisexuals may differ from lesbians and gay men in the extent to which they are open about their sexual orientation and feel connected to a sexual-minority community Balsam and Mohrand lesbians and bisexual women may differ from gay and bisexual men in the extent to which they manifest self-directed stigma Balsam and Mohr ; Herek et al. As noted previously, some studies that directly assessed sexual orientation identity have yielded samples that were simply too small to permit separate analyses of subgroups e. Except where noted in the subsequent text, inclusion of the control variables did not alter the patterns of significant differences among subgroups shown in the tables. Residence Variables In terms of residence patterns, the sample generally matched the US population except that a disproportionately small number of respondents lived in the Midwest.

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