Gay couple arrested temple square

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Who would join you in such an adventure? I stand corrected and appreciate your input. I do not believe it would be legal for them to require a current temple recommend to walk there for instance. I call people like you "Tolerance Fascists": And the man who is doing it does so because he is being forced to hide it as you said. Likewise, I am a formalist when it comes to the use of the terms liberty and freedom.

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Can you or someone reference a source for me?

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Trespassing case? Gay couple detained after kiss near LDS temple

You refer to this distinction when you said: Get married, have children, have sex with men on the side while not telling your wife and putting her in danger? Get job with private firm. They want to filter activity through that plaza. However, people fall in love and find their eternal companions in many different ways. I agree that if the Court were to say that the LDS Church were told that they could not preach against homosexuality, had to allow gay men and women in the Church, and had to allow same-sex couples to be married in its temples, it would be a serious breach of religious freedom. I not sure I agree completely with your word choice.

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In a written statement, church spokeswoman Kim Farah denied the two were singled out for being gay. And, what about the conduct? This ban on affection is rather ironic considering the Mormon church originally moved out to Utah in part to avoid the legal proscriptions on polygamy in New York where Joseph Smith began his evangelizing. The development of sexual orientation as a protected class has been a long time in the making. This is a difference because homosexuals are allowed in the temples today. When Aune and Jones protested, they were handcuffed, and police were called. I think your question is actually quite profound.

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