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Property Division — Division of property in Florida divorces is equitable, taking into consideration separate and marital property. Yes, I am a potential new client. Think of the counter petition as saying the same things you would have said allegations if you had been the first one to the court house and filed first. But, in some cases, the divorce process can become very complicated. Consequently, same-sex divorce was also legalized because the institution of marriage between same-sex couples was finally acknowledged. Contact her Jacksonville office today at for a free initial consultation.

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Hodges, however, same-sex married couples will be able to get divorces according to the same rules as heterosexual couples.

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Same Sex Divorce

In short, after discovery both sides are going to have to appear at a mediation and make a good faith attempt to settle the case. Name Please enter your name. In other words, the court will look at the best interests of the children, just as they do when the parents are heterosexual. You reside in the state of Florida and were served divorce papers. Along with the right to marry in every state, marriage equality laws also gave couples the right to divorce, regardless of where they live. Whichever spouse files for a divorce can do so in the Florida county where the parties last resided with the intent to remain married. There are two types of divorce cases, they are settled cases, and contested cases.

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This is only the start, only the tip of the iceberg, and if filing is all you do, your case will go nowhere, and eventually be dismissed. Issues Facing Same-Sex Divorcing Couples Because divorcing LGBT couples are treated the same by law as divorcing heterosexual couples, the issues they face with an impending divorce are largely the same as the issues many couples have faced for years. If you happen to be the one that was served, you must file an answer to the petition with the court within 20 days. Please enter a message. My experience with Givens Givens Sparks was the best, by far, of any previous experience! In some states, the court will add the additional unmarried years to the end of the legal marriage before deciding spousal support. No matter what was thrown at us, you had an answer that countered.

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