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They are mentioned, from time to time, because most of these reviews were originally written for a local audience that is well aware of these groups. However the opening scene should tell you if you would have a problem watching the rest of the movie. I also love gay films. It's a wild romp through early history, with a few side steps into vaudeville and Broadway. It rates a 6. A pity that a director like Mel Brooks, responsible for such classics like "The Producer", the one-two punch of "Young Frankenstein" and "Blading Saddles", and the less successful but still entertaining "High Anxiety" fell flat on his face with this clunker.

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Queers were no longer victims.

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He splashily declared his homosexuality about 10 years ago with publication of his book ''The Happy Hustler. Yes, this was even more long-winded before I cut it down. Although it is aged around the edges, History of the World is one of my favorite comedies. Queers were no longer victims. The gags resulted so dumb to me. Mel, however, is in much better form and as the film comes to an end some will feel not totally cheated. The humor lies in the absurdity of the concept.

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Also funny is at the end with the whole "Jews In Space" bit. In fact, this is my favorite Mel Brooks film. Yet, even though he has every reason to believe what he told her, he admits that he is terrified that he is wrong. Sid Caesar gives all he has for his short bit as the lead caveman and granted, the entry works. I want to thank Outcome's publisher, Tim Moran, for giving me a voice all these years, and I also want to thank Duane Booth, the publisher of abOUTa Toronto based, free monthy gay magazine that also covers, and is distributed in, the Buffao area for giving me a voice in his publication now as well.