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Her mouth was perfectly bow-shaped and he found himself wanting to trace those supple curves. Harry felt a fetching pink blush flood his cheeks, "It was an accident, Hermione. The next one showed… Harry could feel the heat of embarrassment burn through his hands from the picture to his face. He felt a fierce heat rise up in his cheeks and laughed awkwardly, dropping his hand to his lap. Nice figure, thin and graceful, beautiful hair, smooth skin. On the way back to the tower from dinner, Ron and Hermione had Stunned Harry and dragged him into a small classroom.

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Also RWHG coupledom, if het doesn't squick you.

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Harry put as much force and power into his spell as he could and in an instant all the Daily Prophets in the hall burst into flame, they were reduced to ashes in seconds. She seemed to be in the middle of something as there was a slight wrinkle in her brow and her pale blue eyes were squinted shut a little. He glared down at the traitor briefly, but tried to keep his voice still and calm, "Malfoy? Turning to Ron and ignoring Harry completely she gushed, "Don't you see, Ron? Harry studied this one longer. One wore a black leather mini dress and she stood over the other, wearing white vinyl shorts and a halter top, with a whip in her hands.

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And it's so thick I bet I couldn't even wrap my hand around it—". The jeans got mixed in with mine. Her voice musing and mystified, Hermione said, "We know you're gay, you know you're gay…. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. I had the idea two weeks ago and I thought it would be funny. Realizing how bad this could get Harry stood up and taking his wand out he pointed it at Ron's news paper.

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