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Laverne Cox is transgender in real life. Retrieved November 19, Later on, it is revealed that Gretchen is bisexual and has romantic feelings for Claire which are later reciprocated by Claire. Gay man fist fucking. The Tracey Ullman Show. May-Li is a care worker and in series 3May-Li is revealed to be in a relationship with another woman and had adopted children.

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He slept with Sara Lance and kissed Gary Green.

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List of dramatic television series with LGBT characters

Todd and Raffi are an interracial couple raising two adopted children. Openly displays feelings for Ghostfacers team leader Ed which is noted by Ed's best friend Harry who thinks its bad for the team. Garbo is lesbian and a drug dealer. Yara is sexual with women. Beginning in season 3, the couple purchases the local coffee shop together and are upgraded to series regulars. When Bill questions her status as a living creature, Heather kisses her, asking whether the kiss felt real or not it did.

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She was attracted to Emily Grace and they subsequently enter into a romantic relationship. Because of this, it's assumed that he is asexual and aromantic. Scott Hope, a character in season three is revealed to be gay in season seven. She has a girlfriend in one of the episodes, and acts as Alex's love interest and the catalyst to her coming out. In two long-term lesbian relationships during the series, including the first long-term lesbian relationship of a lead character on network television.

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