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Retrieved September 20, After retiring from the Navy in as a captain, McCain was elected to the U. In MarchMcCain said that United States should reduce its nuclear arsenal to encourage other nations to reduce their arsenals:. Free trade should be the continuing principle that guides this nation's economy. McCain was a believer in judges who would, as he sees it, "strictly interpret the Constitution," [] and was against what he sees as "the systemic abuse of our federal courts" by judges who "preemptively" decide American social policy. The following morning in an interview with Good Morning America he said the following on Egypt "This virus spreading throughout the Middle East proves the universality of human yearnings, and probably the only place where you won't see these demonstrations is Iraq.

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Projected Federal tax changes in if their tax proposals fully approved by Congress.

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The almanac of American politics Retrieved 12 October Simon April 30, Following the Iranian election protestsMcCain said "It really is a sham that [Iranian rulers have] pulled off, and I hope that we will act. Retrieved November 18, Like me, he also served in Vietnam so we have a special kinship. When McCain was running for president inhe supported the normalizing of relations with Cubaeven if Fidel Castro remained in power, provided that the Cuban government did certain things to democratize Cuba.

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In OctoberMcCain proposed that the federal government buy troubled mortgages, and provide low-interest mortgages to qualified homeowners. However, it notes that byMcCain had flipped on the issue of encryption, becoming "Mr. John McCain's staunch opposition to gay marriage was one of the key parts of his presidential campaign. Unveiling the image on his website, Adam Bouska, the founder of the campaign, said: In the aftermath of Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto 's assassination in December McCain appeared to rule out the option of US forces entering Pakistan, saying that it was not an appropriate time to "threaten" Pakistan.

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