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We couldn't love this more! This is definitely one of a very cool kind. You'll be seeing a lot of enviable watercolor work in this post, and this work of heart art is a prime example of the magic of Pride tats. This ultimate pride celebration. Designed in the style of a big, gay cat scratch, I'm personally a bit partial to this one because, well, it's mine. We just absolutely love this one, from the font choice to the watercolor-effect detail. This rainbow-tastic treble cleff is another example that music and rainbows are the perfect combination.

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Just check out this multi-symbol "love wins" tat that says it all.

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29 Tattoos to Show Your Pride

The "Behind the Ear" look. For the cute and creative thinker. Naturals also periodically visits the idea to enroll in fitness, but they areas a rule,long there is not delayed: Not rough armermeyskie ,and tattoos as decoration. What a badass way to celebrate the rainbow in us all! For the Disney darlings. What percentage of your friends straight Immersed tattoos?

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It's a reminder to myself that no matter how hard life gets, if you stay true to yourself, it really does get better. You couldn't possibly want much more out of your ink. Of course, having a tattoo - it's not svedetelstvo gomosesualizma. Prepare to experience some serious tat envy. This "Love is Love" look. We did not know we needed Captain America standing proudly in front of a Pride flag to come into our lives, yet here we are, not wanting to look away. And how many gay men have tattoos?

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